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Track Your Expenses


Track your expenses for a month and reflect on your spender behaviors. The first step to become an investor is to spend less and invest more! Cut on your expenses and boost your savings.

First, we create our habits, and then our habits create our life and our results. This also applies to the money and finance areas. Working towards improving your money habits is essential and also intentional. If you are reading these lines now, it’s because you want to optimize your financial results.

Getting “good” with money doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process, and you can start with this cash calendar. Yes, it can even be quite challenging, but I am sure you are up for a little challenge, aren’t you?

Take Control Of Your Money

Become the CFO of your life by regaining control over your money and income.

Stop Emotional Spending

Break off buying things you don't even like, by asking yourself 3 simple questions.


Your Financial Coach

For more than a year, Marcela has empowered and supported expats living in Europe to become investors and build strong financial futures. She is the founder of Investors Abroad, a platform to educate, inspire and bring the topic of investing to the table. As an expat based in Berlin, Marcela has, over the past 4 years, educated herself on topics such as financial literacy, financial freedom, passive income streams, stock market and real estate investing.

Marcela is an investor, financial coach and keynote speaker. She has helped dozens identify emotional spending behaviors and guides them to understand how the stock market works and how easy it is to start investing, and explains why we all should start profiting from it. Her mission is to challenge financial inequality by giving expats actionable resources and the education to better their money, financial confidence, return on investment and overall happiness.

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Know Your Numbers

Learn How To Invest

Implement Your Master Plan

Tamara Morales

Poland - Germany

“After procrastinating for another month by attending the investing workshop given by Marcela, I finally opened a broker account and invested into few ETFs, including the ones that were mentioned during the workshop. I made a profit of +10% in only 4 months!

I’d say it’s a great way to get actionable advice on how and where to invest in a super nice and fun setting!”

Phoebe Dunn
& Josh Snodin

Australia & UK

“Before our sessions with Marcela we were hesitant and uninformed, so investing felt risky. Now that we have a portfolio strategy in place, we feel excited and optimistic about growing our money. Marcela is truly dedicated, and her approach is personal and goal-oriented.

10/10! We couldn’t recommend her more.”


When you put your finances as a priority, a fantastic, transformative process begins, which will open up your mind and eyes to see what is possible for you! See what others have said:


Let’s see some numbers. Can you see why it is important to regain control over your money and start educating yourself on the topic of financial literacy? Your life is a result of your decisions and choices.
of expats said that handling their finances and investing in a new country is overwhelming and difficult.
is the average monthly net pension in Germany. We are talking “Old-age poverty”.
of Expats hold a university degree. Where is your hard-earned money going? Are your savings losing you money on inflation?

You’ve got this!


Track your expanses. Regain control of your money.

Make more, spend less, and feel financially confident.

What is your present-self doing for your future-self?

How are you taking care of your financial future?

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Get the Cash Calendar for free!

Take the chance and download the Investors Abroad Cash Calendar for free!